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Gran Clip

Here is a new clip featuring Gran! Again, only viewable in Australia.

Not Just An OfficerCollapse )

Jen Okazaki Clip

Here is the next clip which features Jen Okazaki! Only viewable in Australia.

GaystyleCollapse )

Blake Oakfield Clip

Here is a new clip featuring Blake! It is currently only available in Australia.

Shot in the BallsCollapse )

S.mouse Clip

Here is a clip released yesterday featuring S.mouse! This video is only available in Australia.

Writing Your Own ShitCollapse )

Official ABC Angry Boys Trailer

Here is the 8 minute trailer for Angry Boys! It is only viewable in Australia at the moment but I'm sure it won't be long until international fans can view it.


HBO Trailer

There is another short trailer featuring the Sims twins and Jen.

This one is currently only viewable in the U.S. at http://www.hbo.com/angry-boys

Comic Relief Clips feat. the Sims twins

These two clips of Daniel and Nathan were aired last night on the UK's Comic Relief night.

'Steve' and 'Sneaky Nuts' Collapse )

ABC Short Trailer

via Facebook: "The first 2 characters are revealed in the ANGRY BOYS short trailer. More to come in other trailers over the next few weeks"

Video under the cutCollapse )

Official Site: http://www.abc.net.au/tv/angryboys/

Looks hilarious!! And the new character - I can't believe it! LOL (for real) ;)

** I'm looking for someone good at creating LJ layouts to make an Angry Boys themed one for the community! Comment or message me **
Even if there aren't many people reading this community, I'm still going to keep it going! Haha. I suspect more joining once Angry Boys airs? I can hope.

First! Chris got a Tumblr: therealchrislilley.tumblr.com

Second, he has posted new Tweets this morning! -

"therealchrislilley.tumblr.com old photos and things from bigbite, h&a, wcbh and shh"

"The first glimpse of ANGRY BOYS, a short trailer, will premiere online on Wednesday March 16th."

"Two scenes from ANGRY BOYS will be featured on Comic Relief, Friday March 18th on BBC1. The clips will be available online the following day"

Count down: One week!!!

Announcement on March 9th!

Chris announced via his Facebook on March 1st:

"I can finally talk about Angry Boys soon. Go to my twitter page "pigeonreligion" for updates"

(if you aren't friends with him there then you can go to his other account)

and his first Twitter post says:

                              "I can finally talk about Angry Boys soon! I'll have some news on the 9th of March."

Here is the link to his new Twitter.

Can't wait!